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Job Search Protection

Job Search Protection

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Job Search Protection

Job Search Protection is what SAFERjobs do, they also work with Action Fraud, The Metropolitan Police and other key agencies.

The Job search process can be challenging and frustrating but what’s really cruel is the proliferation of Job-Scams.

These often lure job-seekers in, they end up handing over money, expecting to start a new job. The harsh reality is that they’ve been misled and there’s no job.

We’re delighted to have signed up to be partners with SAFERjobs to offer more protection to all job our seekers.

Committed to Job Seeker Welfare

To stay safe in your job search we recommend that you visit SAFERjobs, a non-profit, joint industry and law enforcement organisation working to combat job scams.

Visit the SAFERjobs website for information on common scams and to get free, expert advice for a safer job search.

Manchester Jobs Market

Manchester is an exciting city for Job Opportunities, There’s been a 39% rise in jobs over the last few years and Manchester also leads the way with startups.

According to ‘The Undercover Recruiter’ (which has used information from ‘ Manchester had job availability, 25.69% above the national average.

It therefore follows that Manchester probably has bigger (job-scam) challenges because of the above and the high number of job seekers it attracts.

Any form of Job Search Protection is therefore going to be very reassuring to all job seekers.

Principles of Good Practice

  1. Job Vacancies – We only work with established and genuine jobs providers, who are themselves signed up for the SAFERjobs scheme. Any jobs uploaded by individuals or companies have to go through a verification process
  2. Due Diligence – We check potential employer location, profiles, if reviews are real. Also look at past conduct, if possible, to ensure there is no history regarding mistreatment of job-seekers
  3. Boundaries – We have a system in place to minimise the number of times, the same advert can be published
  4. Granting Permission to Publish – Once jobs have been uploaded by a third party they go straight to ‘Admin Review’ allowing us to check if they meet our criteria. If they do then the job or jobs are authorised, published then become active
  5. Rejecting Jobs – If they don’t meet our criteria, which could also include they are possible threats to our jobs infrastructure like possible malware or spam then at the ‘Admin Review’ stage the uploaded jobs would be rejected.
  6. Further Investigation – Would involve asking all the required questions to establish if Manchester Job Search could move forward with this or reject the job listing.
  7. Misleading – Try to ensure that job postings that are blatantly misleading are removed (if issues are flagged up by job seekers and we agree after investigation) or problems may be identified prior to approval
  8. Duty of Care – To report and share information about fraud with SAFERjobs
  9. Permission – Manchester Job Search will seek permission from Job Seekers before transferring their data
  10. Breaches – A process in place to investigate breaches

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